Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hot Air Balloon First Birthday Party

Remember how I said I wouldn't go so long between posts again?  I lied.  I'm sorry.  Life as a Wanna-Be Super Mom gets busy.  Okay, life as a MOM, in general, gets busy!  To hopefully redeem myself, I've brought pictures from Super Baby's First Birthday Party!  We kept it fairly simple. The theme was hot air balloons with a rainbow twist.  Not really rainbow, though... I omitted purples and pinks where I could and added a turquoise (teal? blue green?) color.  I wanted something bright and colorful, while also doing something different from the norm for boys.  I have to enjoy the cute stuff while I can!  It won't be long before my baby boy will begin asking for random sorts of Disney themed parties.  But I digress, here's some details:

* Inspiration party: Paiges of Style
* Super Baby's Outfit: Better Than Bows on Etsy
* Sally's Great Balloon Adventure Book
* Activities: Face painted hot air balloons, parachute game, coloring sheet as keepsakes for baby book, and a pinata.
* Food: Finger sandwiches, rainbow pasta salad, Jell-O with gelatin condensed milk layers, Jell-O mango & strawberry punches, cake, cupcakes, and candy.