Tuesday, October 18, 2011

BJJ Hair Mission

I've been on a mission to discover the perfect hairstyle for when I'm at Jiu Jitsu. I've got pretty long hair (below the middle of my back) and it's a never-ending battle trying to find a way to wear it where I won't get choked out with it. There's nothing worse than tapping out because of your HAIR. It's been pulled (and pulled out), wrapped around my neck (by itself, not by someone, haha), in my face, and the worst one: Stuck underneath me between my back and the mat. This leaves one in the horrible position of chin up, throat/neck exposed, and NOWHERE to go.

My last BJJ class, I french braided my bangs to one side and that worked AWESOMELY. Unfortunately, I'm not coordinated enough (or at all really) to french braid the back of my hair myself, so at my next BJJ class, I'm off to find a style for the back. A regular ponytail is too long (still get the stuck under the back thing) and anything else falls out. I will be attempting... wait for it...

The Princess Leia buns. Or a version of it, anyway.
It won't be over the ears or as big as Leia's -

But will be braided and smaller. So, we'll see.

The ultimate goal: Do not get choked out by one's own hair.

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  1. I love it! It's so you! lol
    Love ya!