Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Stained Glass Bunting

Stained Glass Bunting -

I've been attempting to do little projects with Super Kid while he is out of school for the summer.  I came across this project at The Artful Parent, who has an amazing blog and ideas!  I'll be posting a few other projects found there as well. Anyway, Super Kid has an overabundance of crayons.  He really has an obsession, I think.  He may get it from his Mama, who may have a slightly unhealthy obsession with office and craft supplies.  Come on, nothing wrong with that! ;) 

I asked him to go through his crayon box and pick out all of the broken crayons and to put them into a Ziploc bag.  He came back with a handful of crayons, which I thought would surely NEVER be enough for this project, but we started got the grater out and went for it. 

FYI: You may want to either 1. sacrifice your grater for this project or 2. buy a cheap grater to use for crafting.  Not thinking about it, I used my grater from my kitchen and it is now officially a crafting grater.  

I apologize for not taking step-by-step pictures of this project, but I did it very similarly to how The Artful Parent did it :)

How I did it:

What you need:

- Crayons (this is a great way to use broken crayons!) 
- Grater (please see "FYI" above)
- Wax paper
- Iron
- Old towel
- Large paper (I used craft paper, but paper grocery bags would work great as well)
- Scissors
- Hole puncher
- Ribbon

What I did:

Step 1: Start grating your crayons.  This will take a little while and I suggest doing it on a covered table and outside!  We somehow made quite the mess doing this step.  You can grate colors of similar shades together over a paper plate and then add that color group to a muffin tin section or separate containers to keep the colors divided.  We did blue and purple together and red and orange together, etc. 

Step 2: Cut wax paper large enough to fold in half and still have enough space to cut a triangle for the bunting.  The pictures under step 4 shows the wax paper folded over, but pre-cut to get an idea of size. 

Step 3: Sprinkle crayon shavings onto one side of the wax paper in different color combinations and patterns.  Try to stay a couple of inches away from the edges or this will leak out when you iron it. 

Step 4: As Super Kid sprinkled the wax paper, I took the ones he was finished with and ironed them.  Before you start ironing, STOP!  I put an old towel on the counter with a large folded paper over it.  I placed the wax paper (which is folded in half!) in between the paper and ironed it.  I had my iron on medium-high.  It didn't take but about 20 seconds to get the shavings to melt.  As I finished them, I hung them with clothes pins to dry until we finished all of them (we did 14 total).

Stained Glass Bunting -

Stained Glass Bunting -

Stained Glass Bunting -

Step 5: Cut your triangles for the bunting. I cut one and then used that one as my cutting template for the others.  You may need to get a little creative on the cutting if the crayons shavings were more abundant on one side.

Step 6: After you have all of your triangles cut, punch holes on the sides for the ribbon. 

Step 7: String your ribbon through your triangles.  We used ribbon we had on hand, so we made two sets of bunting to accommodate our ribbon length.  

Step 8: Hang your bunting and enjoy!  We have our stained glass bunting hanging from our sliding door curtain rod.  It looks so pretty when we open the curtains!

Stained Glass Bunting -

Stained Glass Bunting -

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