Thursday, August 8, 2013

Front Porch Rocking Chair Plant Holder

Front Porch Rocking Chair Plant Holder -
Whoa!  That's a mouthful!  Frontporchrockingchairplantholder.  ANYwho, I wanted to share my frontporchrockingchairplantholder with you all!

Now before you judge my sad, half alive plant that is in my newly refurbished rocking chair, you must know that I have nothing NEAR a green thumb.  Gardening is not something I've ever been good at, nor is it something I enjoy.  The fact that this one plant still has a bloom on it after having it for a couple of months is beyond amazing!  Ok, that's my plant disclaimer. Moving on.

I found this rocking chair at a yard sale in my neighborhood for $10.  There was a piece of cardboard where the seat was supposed to be, so I decided to take it a different route all together.  The little square will fit a basic sized plant holder.  I will have to get creative during the winter and holidays, but I know I will be adding mums to it for the fall!

To start, I did a light sanding over the entire chair using a sanding block.  I then painted on a coat of outdoor primer.  Once that was dry (overnight), I did two coats of red paint with a paintbrush.  I let each coat dry overnight.  For SOME reason, this paint just would not dry and wasn't covering the way it was supposed to.  So then it was off to the hardware store to buy a can of my trusty spray paint!  I love spray paint. LOVE.  One quick coat of a matching red spray paint covered it perfectly!  Once it was dry, I stuck it on the porch, threw my half alive plant in it and voila!  :)

Moral of the story:  Don't be afraid to try non-traditional uses for your refurbished furniture finds!
Front Porch Rocking Chair Plant Holder -

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