Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lego Bracelet

Lego Bracelet -

I've been planning Super Kid's 6th Birthday Party, which is Lego themed, the last few weeks and while doing my Pinterest-ing and Google-ing, I came across an adorable bracelet made out of Legos.  Well, this bracelet costs WAY more than I'm willing to pay (about $80 more, actually) for a bracelet that is 1. made of Legos and 2. for a 6 year old that will probably lose it.  DIY to the rescue!

My version is cheap, easy, and won't make you or your bank account cry for days if your kid loses it.

How I did it:

What you need:

- Legos!  (Gather as many as you think you may need to fit your child's wrist.  I eyeballed this. I used the same sized square Legos, but you could use a variety of shapes and colors depending on how funky you want the bracelet to be.)
- Bracelet string (I used the kind you can find near the pony beads for kid's bracelets at a craft store. In my opinion, this type of string would withstand a 6 year old, but you could also use stretchy jewelry string if you'd like.)
- Dremel or drill with small hole drilling bit
- Cutting Board (I didn't actually drill into my board, but I had it there just in case)
- Scissors

Lego Bracelet -

What I did:

Step 1: Gather up your Legos.  I eyeballed the number of Legos I would need by placing them into a circle.  

Step 2: Use your Dremel or drill to drill a small hole through the center of the Lego.  Since I used the square Legos, I was able to drill straight through the hole on the bottom of the Lego.  I did NOT drill straight down into my cutting board.  I actually held the Lego up and applied pressure that way.  Be careful doing this, please.  If you have a piece of board laying around that you can sacrifice, then use that and drill straight down.
Lego Bracelet -

Lego Bracelet -

Lego Bracelet -

Notice the hole isn't perfectly centered on every Lego.  That's okay.  I found it didn't make any difference if it is slightly off centered.

Step 3: Cut your bracelet string to the size of your child's wrist.  Make sure to leave extra room for the Legos, since they are pretty bulky.

Step 4: String the Legos onto the bracelet string and tie a knot.
Lego Bracelet -

All done!  Easy peasy lemon squeezy!  This ended up costing me about $2 total.  I had everything on hand, except for the bracelet string, which was $1.99 at the craft store.  Much better than $80-something if I do say so myself!

Lego Bracelet -

Lego Bracelet -

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